Do Charity's Really Want to Find Cures For Problems?

Charity and Their Profits
Some charity's are big business
Don't get us wrong there are some wonderful charities out there that do great things for needed causes.

With that said, do you ever wonder if some charities exist purely to line the pockets of there founders? What is meant by this question is, we never ever get cures for deceases or illnesses, all we ever get is "BREAKTHROUGHS", we never get results from leading charities.

The Public run marathons, jump out of aeroplanes amongst other things in the name of charity and to raise money for them to do research. Meanwhile charity founders are driving around in big fancy cars and live in nice big houses.

Will Cures Ever be Found?

Is it really in the interest for charities to find cures for things? Let's face it, if charities found cures or solved the problem that their specific charity fund raises for then there charity would no longer be needed, which in turn means if it finds a cure it can shut down, this then means the Public will no longer need to risk their lives jumping out of a plane in order to raise money.

What do you think? Do charities really want to solve issues and find cures or do they just want to line the founders pockets?

This article is not relating to small independent charities it is aimed at the big cooperate foundations.

Shutting Down

You often hear of small charities closing down as they can not afford to keep there establishments running, but you never hear of charities hitting the news headlines for closing down due to the charity no longer being needed as a cure has been found, you never hear of them shutting down because they have successfully done what there charity is supposedly set out to do, so this begs the question do they really want to find cures and solve problems?.

Putting Lives in Danger

People put their lives in the hands of the God's through doing dangerous activities in the name of fundraising for charities.

Here is a list of things people partake in:
  • Bungee jumps
  • Sky diving
  • Marathons
  • Parachute jumps
  • Cycling
  • Walking
There are plenty more non dangerous and dangerous ways people raise money.

New Found Medication

If they did find cures they would then sell the new found medication to ill people and earn money that way, but would people be able to afford it? Would the charities put such high prices on new medication that the average member of the Public would not be able to afford the cure? More to the point, more money is earned through fundraising than what would be for selling medication that solves problems.

How Many More "BREAKTHROUGHS" can there be until a cure is found? All we ever get for our fundraising efforts are "BREAKTHROUGHS", we never get results.


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